Background photo: Author, Singer/Songwriter Kathryn Marie Bild on her rooftop, photo by Doug Barron

“DOUG!! You are so amazing. This is so great! YES!”

- Harvey Burgett, Composer, Music Director

“You’re a Genius!”

- Kira Simring, Director the cell

“You've done an AMAZING job. A million thanks for your outstanding work.  You are the best, DB! ”

- Nesya Blue, Photographer, Artist, Filmmaker

“Thank you for doing such a lovely job on both the ad and the brochure. Your taste and professionalism is very much appreciated, as well as your friendship.”

- Glenn Alterman

“Doug - this all looks amazing.  Your work is, as always, totally spectacular. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!”

- Robert Kaplowitz

“This is fantastic. Love the colors, photos, layout.”

- Ezra Barnes, Producer BREAKFAST WITH MUGABE

“Holy cow is that great. You are so gifted! Wow is that great! Thank you,”

- Monroe Quinn, Musician

“Doug, the site looks fabulous. 

- Tim Jerome, MainStreet Musicals

“That's insane! You are a champion, star and a hero!!!!!!!!!
Thank you soooo much!!”

- Tjasa Ferme, Playwright, Actress of Cocktales

“WOW!!!  WOW!
You ROCK.”

- Margarett Perry, Director

“Hi Sasha, - Your web site is beautiful and impressive. Really excellent design. I have a slow connection but it still loads very quickly. You have a good web designer who actually understands how a site should work ”

- Ken (about Labyrinth Dance Theater website)

“I have a new website and it's awesome and beautiful look at it and this amazing designer Doug Barron designed it. SO Happy with how beautiful it is!”

- Teresa Lotz, Composer/Lyricist

“PERFECT! It looks amazing!!!”

- Tjasa Ferme, Actress


- Olivia Honegger, Relentless Theater

“Great work, Doug.  Thank you for everything you've done in 2013.  This has been a great year for MM and lots of that is due to your careful, speedy, and aesthetically excellent collaboration.  I have very high hopes for 2014.”

- Tim Jerome, MainStreet Musicals

“Everything looks fantastic!  I've already had very good comments on my website from actors, managers - and just people.”

- Caroline Thomas Total Theatre Lab

“My good friend Steven Williford just emailed me to say: I've just completed the "Jennifer Dorr White" ride at jenniferdorrwhite.com.  WOW!  What a fantastic website!!!  Great pix and WONDERFUL reel! A lot of people have complimented me on the web site, but I don’t always remember to tell you that!”

- Jennifer Dorr White, Actress

“Congratulations on your website! It's extremely pleasant to navigate and the work looks crisp and clean, definitely an engaging form of display on the web."

- Unknown about Nesya Blue website

“First, I must say that this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful programs I have ever seen. It is elegant and tasteful. Thank you, Doug”

- Ezra Barnes, Producer BREAKFAST WITH MUGABE

“Coolness dude”

- Cocco Black

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how fabulous the site is.  What you just did with Alan's picture is genius as are all of your ideas. Thank you and thanks again for all your hard work, creativity and patience with the project.”

- Regards, Vinny, The Brutles

“This is just a little note to congratulate you on another MAGNIFICENT POSTER AND POST CARD!!!  They are WONDERFUL and I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!”

- Petra Kipke, Actress (Chamber Music)

“The Embodiment Production web site looks great. Thank you for your careful and speedy work. ”

- Rob O’Neill, Embodiment

“Diana,  Your website is very attractive.  The man who designed did a great job.  I liked the movie stills and photos -- and  "hideous Marriott Hotel."  Put me down for a signed copy of your book in November.”

- Barbara (about Diana Altman’s website)

“Hi Nes, - I have done a through viewing of your website. I am very impressed by it's slick professional style and the great use of flash. You're lucky to have such a great designer. I am even more impressed amazed by the width and breadth for your talent. - Good luck,”

- Marc J. Wohler (about Nesya Blue website)

“You are a GENIUS!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Yay!”

- Margarett Perry, Director

“The ASOP site looks HOT!!! Thank you so much!“

- Nick Gaglia, Filmmaker

“Brilliant!! Damn Doug! You really know how to rock this stuff!”

- xoM


- Jane Condon, Comedian

“You know that you rule right?”

- Tjasa Ferme, Actress

I LOVE the photos. The angles and spaces are really fantastic and so are the colors. I am really impressed. No need to send me the rejected/unusable ones. I can tell by your rating system that we have similar opinions in terms of what "works" and what doesn't so I trust your judgment. ”

- Monroe Quinn, Musician

“Thanks, Doug. You are the best!  By the way, I've been talking you up to other media people I know. They have all commented on how great my site looks. You may be getting some work from these folks-FYI.”

- Ross Minichiello, Film Editor

“I loved the posters too! The design was really cool!”

- Unknown (about designs for Cocktales in Miami

“Doug - this looks fantastic!!!”

- Matt Kohn, Filmmaker

“p.s. yesterday I gave out a BUNCH of my postcards and PEOPLE LOVED THEM! They were so impressed! Like speaking to me now was a whole other matter. So THANK YOU! GREAT JOB!”

- Tjasa Ferme, Actress

You have outdone yourself once again!!
I absolutely LOVE the white page with lines background. so cool. And the home page is AMAZING!! So many better pics of who Brian is now.
Thanks soooo much!!
That Facebook scroll is also very cool.
I also love what you did with the RED photos.
So many of the little details on the homepage really make it feel fresh.
You are a total Rockstar!”

- xoMargarett

“I am mightily pleased. Thanks”

- Richard Abrons, Playwright

“My agent saw the update to the website and wrote:  FANTASTIC!”

- Celeste Conway, Author

“Hi Doug, – I just wanted to say how happy I am with the artistic eye and quality of work that you provide for my website. I know acting is your passion, but you also do a fabulous job with web design.”

- Monroe Quinn, Musician