The Final Step is the First Step

Creating a good looking design is only 50% of the work. The most common problem with printing any job is properly preparing and supplying the design to the printer. This is where the real cost is - in the printing - how will your project be brought to life. I have gained valuable experience through years of design work. My files print. All my design work starts with the idea of how your project/design will finally be realized, the quantity, 4 color (full color), spot color, black & white, even photocopying. The printing world has changed tremendously in recent years. No design should be begun without knowing how the project will be realized first. Printing can be confusing and expensive. I will help you, if you desire, decide the most cost effective way to finally reproduce your project. Whether that be traditional printing, photocopying, laser printouts, direct to press or whatever. I can supply materials to any printer of your choosing or handle the printing for you.

In today's digital world, most projects must be realized both in print and in the online cyberworld as well. Designs for theater need not only posters & postcards they also often need artwork in various sizes and dimensions for ticketing services and advertising, both in print & online, as well as email blasts.

Businesses need designs that provide a consistent branding and image across multiple platforms.



The process varies tremendously. Generally, for a business design it starts with one piece. If you engage me for a series of designs, I prefer to start with one piece, like a logo, business card or brochure. Then once we have found the branding of your company we can move on to the other required pieces.

For theatrical productions, it is always good to read the play. For filmmakers to see your work. For actors, to also see your work, and what photos besides headshots you have to work with.


Graphic design rates: vary on the complexity of your needs. This can be discussed upon learning of your project.


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